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The district of Moon's Moat is an industrial and business estate in the north east of Redditch between Church Hill and Winyates. Moon's Moat itself is located in Church Hill.The district takes its name from an ancient moated homestead which was founded by Monks and dates back to the 12th century. It is now a listed heritage site. The medieval homestead was inhabited by the Mohun family which is where the name "Moon's" Moat comes from (Mohun being an early name for Moon). The homestead was last in use in the 18th century, but by the end that century the Mohun's had died out. The homestead fell into disuse and became a ruin. What was left of the homestead was removed so that nothing visible now remains on the site.

The Moon's Moat site is believed to be haunted by the ghost of Lady Mohun who is said to appear on or near to the site on the eve of St Agnes (21 January). There is some folklore and history associated with the site concerning a suicide and a murder which may explain the ghost story.
Moon’s Moat is a designated historic landmark and the site of a former medieval moated house in the middle of a residential area between Arley Close and Barnwood Close in Church Hill.

Archaeological excavations have uncovered the foundations of a house, bridge and moat walls and the moat can still be seen very much as it was.
The Moons Moat Conservation Group was formed by concerned Redditch residents to investigate, conserve and promote the historic Moons Moat site located in the Church Hill area of the town.

The group is lottery funded and meets regularly to progress these aims.

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Moons Moat Conservation Group
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Committee Murder At The Moat

Moons Moat Conservation Group
Annual General Meeting 2019

Date:                Wednesday 16th July 2019
Time:               6:30pm
Venue: Willow Trees Community Centre, Church Hill
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At this meeting we are also proposing a new Constitution for the group.  Click here to see this new draft constitution